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Paintball is a great excuse to get outdoors and active, sometimes it can be hard to find your own motivation to otherwise leave the sofa. Especially in the current climate, with so few things operating as normal, paintball remains a Covid-compliant activity that continues all year round. With this in mind, checking out Delta Force’s top tips for maximising your paintball adventure.


1. Gloves.
o Paintball gloves are available for purchase at our basecamps.
o having a change of shoes or clothes onhand for the wettest days may make for a more comfortable journey home.
2. The shoes make the player.
o Water-resistant boots are a must! Keeping your feet dry is critical, meaning canvas shoes or anything like that are a no-go. Protect those toes!
3. Preparation.
o Check your route in advance to ensure a prompt arrival and avoid any delays to starting your day with us!
4. Pre-book your paintballs.
o Book in advance to secure the best deal available and get your adventure off to the best possible start.
5. Clothing
o Bring Playing clothes to play in and a change of clothes for after the games are done to travel home in.
o Bringing a Towel on those very wet days is always a good idea.

For our part, during the colder days we use paintballs specially formulated to combat freezing, keeping your whole experience as weather-proof as possible. See you in the field!

Posted in News on 16th December 2020

Last updated 12th January 2021