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Delta force paintball Brisbane

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Delta Force Paintball Petrie has arrived! No longer will the people of Brisbane need to play with boring hay bales and run-down game zones. Delta Force offers quality paintball games and experiences unlike any you have ever seen before. We offer competitive paintball packs and safety equipment.

Renowned for immersive Game Zones and props, Delta Force Paintball has really taken things to the next level at the Petrie location. The signature 30 ft. Egyptian Pyramid in Tomb Raider takes pride of place while the Black Hawk chopper is a crowd favourite. This thing is so real that the Australian Military have approached Delta Force to conduct training missions with it. Other Game Zones include the Viet Cong Village of Tropic Thunder, Zombie v Humans in Resident Evil and Speedball.

All players are provided state-of-the-art equipment for both comfort and safety. This includes the custom designed and manufactured 360 degree Fusion Goggles; double-sided Body Armour; full length Overalls including padded ‘Dracula’ collar; and cutting edge Blaze MKII Markers known for accuracy and ease of use.

Our fully trained marshals ensure you have a fun and safe day at our centre. We have carefully chosen incredible outback landscapes and designed pro zones which ensure every game you play will be memorable.

why choose delta force

The coolest, movie-set themed game zones

We’ve gone all out on our paintball games. Step into a world of action and adventure on Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider,Tropic Thunder, Resident Evil, Jungle Attack and many more.

State-of-the-art combat gear and guns

We want to make sure you look great, can move freely and shoot at will and stay safe throughout the paintballing day. Suit up in our combat uniform complete with full protection. Arm yourself with the latest replica M16 paintball gun. You’re good to go.

Life-sized props

Take a look at our fields to understand the ultimate paintball experience that awaits as you attempt to capture ancient relics from the pyramid plus so much more on your sessions of Delta Force Paintball adventure!

Delta Force locations are never far away

Delta Force Paintball has arrived in Queensland! No longer will you need to play with boring hay bales and run-down game zones. Delta Force offers quality paintball games unlike any you have ever seen before. We offer competitive paintball packs and safety equipment, and lunch can be purchased from our Basecamp.

Fully organised and great value

We take care of everything. We program your day and look after you throughout to make sure you get the very most out of the whole experience. The most paintball for your money.

Our team. Highly professional. And fun.

Our team is there to make sure you max out on fun. Safe and responsible, we have many years’ experience looking after kids, adults and big groups. Prepare for hours of fun during your paintballing experience.

Food and refreshments to build the energy

Our many years of experience has enabled us to ensure you, your children, your staff and your friends are always in the safest possible hands. Your safety and enjoyment is our paramount concern.

Safety always first

Keep your energy levels up during your full day adventure with us. Refreshments are available throughout the day. It’s the complete experience where you don’t have to worry about anything.


Delta Force Paintball is the world’s largest paintball company, with locations in seven countries on three continents! We have revolutionised the paintball industry making it safer, more professional and providing the most action-packed game zones imaginable.