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About Delta Force Paintball

Upon arriving to our paintball centre at Delta Force Petrie, Queensland, our friendly staff will check in your group and yourself – ready for a paintball sessions. After we process your registration forms, everyone is issued the equipment necessary for the upcoming battle. You will get full head protection helmets, goggles, a combat suit, our custom designed body armour and an ammunition holder for your paintballs.

Once you are in our basecamp, you will be transformed into a combat warrior ready for a sessions of action-packed paintball. If you need a personal locker, they are available and you can also purchase food, drink and paintballs at the basecamp.

Before the game begins, all players will go through a health and safety speech that details the rules and regulations, and we will inform you on how to use your paintball marker. Once you have been briefed, you and your team will proceed to the gun zone where you will be issued with a 0.68 calibre Tippmann Paintball Marker. You can get accustomed to this impressive weapon by firing off a few rounds at our practice range, this will get you in the zone and give you an advantage over other players. Once everyone is ready and comfortable with their markers, goggles and helmets, we let the games begin!

Throughout your session of paintball action you will play through 6-8 movie-set scenarios that will test the skills of newcomers and pros alike. All that playing is going to make you hungry right?

A lunch break is taken for all players at approximately 1:00pm. You are more than welcome to bring your own lunch and snacks. Feel free to use our covered seating and picnic areas to eat and strategise for the next battle.

When the game session is completed, all players will return to the basecamp to hand in their equipment and change back into a civilian (boo!)

The game session ends at approximately 4:00pm. If your group is limited by time constraints then an alternate departure can be organised.

We hope to see you soon at Delta Force Paintball Petrie!