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Brisbane Paintball


kids-birthdayAre you looking for an exciting party for your kids? Birthday parties, school outings and more are encouraged and catered for at Delta Force Paintball Petrie. This sport takes place in safe environments called game zones, but don’t worry, they are also completely action packed adventures that will remain in your kids minds for years to come. We will go above and beyond anything you have experienced before to set the bar on kids parties, no matter what the occasion. Tie this to our 100% safety record, and you’ve got yourself an amazing day out that you wont want to miss for your life.

We offer an exciting but safe and healthy environment for kids. Watch their faces light up as they are suited up for the greatest experience of their childhood – firing paintballs and becoming a team leader on our paintball field, collecting points and defeating enemies. We guarantee a fun days out as they raise the flag on our game zones and learn how important leadership is in a team battle.

The safety regulations we have at our Centre at Petrie is second to none in Queensland – we offer full head protection, goggles, body armour (more equipment here) and a 5 star liability insurance. We pride ourselves on our safety record – there are other paintball fields out there that are run with only a quarter or less of our safety record, and we are saddened to see children at risk at these centres. We can assure that sort of operation does not happen here.

Young players must have a parental consent form, and you can find one for download and fill out in advance here. You can also find a PDF we have created with more information for parents on that page.


Kids With Disabilities

Paintball is a physically demanding activity and requires certain physical abilities. While Young Gunz with disabilities are welcome to play at Delta Force, parents/guardians need to be aware of the nature of paintball and the game terrain, and make a subsequent decision based on the physical abilities of each player.

Note: The minimum age to play paintball in Queensland is 15. We cannot be flexible with the law, we are sorry for this inconvenience.