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Brisbane Paintball

Game Zones


A paintball game zone is a themed field where you will decide who is the victor. Delta Force Paintball Petrie has multiple game zones to play on. Listed here are our greatest fields we have on offer in Brisbane. From vast desert landscapes to recreating a war film, dense jungle war zones and urban cities, we can assure you an exiting time at our centre. You won’t forget it.


Tomb Raider – Game Zones

Within the vast, sandy landscape lies a huge stone pyramid. Inside is an ancient idol, the holy grail for treasure hunters and archaeologists alike. But like all ancient artifacts, they are also precious and valuable to those who would use their power for evil. Can you capture the artifacts before they fall into the wrong hands? Get into the tomb, secure the artifact and use the giant Sphinx as cover to escape with the idol.

Tropic Thunder – Game Zones

You and your friends are movie stars, the very best actors in the business (well, that’s what you think)! After being sent to Southeast Asia to make a Vietnam War film, you are dropped into the middle of the jungle and left to fend for yourselves. This may look like a movie-set but the dangers are real. Will you safely escape the perils of the jungle, or will you be captured by the local-warring villagers?

Resident Evil – Game Zones

In the depths of the jungle lies a well-known crypt. Many stories have been told of the dangers to those who enter, including the most famous tale about the lurking zombies who protect the crypt. Will you attempt the “impossible” and retrieve the ancient artefacts, or will you and your team of treasure hunters succumb to the dangers of the area and perish in the jungle?

Speedball – Game Zones

The city is in lockdown. Special Forces are protecting all essential utilities as the terrorist threat on them increases. Your team is ordered to protect the city’s fuel reserves. Can you set up check points and maintain a perimeter around this valuable resource before rogue forces penetrate your defences and plant explosives on this valuable resource?

Black Hawk Down – Game Zones


As you and your unit move through the jungle, deep into hostile territory, you hear an explosion overhead – an allied Black Hawk helicopter has been hit by an enemy RPG and has crash landed just up ahead. Miraculously, the crew have survived and activated their distress signal. Your mission is to move your unit quickly through the jungle towards the downed helicopter, rescue the injured crew and escort them to safety before the enemy take them in for ‘questioning’.