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Corporate Groups

It is one of the greatest corporate events you could organise. Paintball is ranked as one of the highest leading sports for corporate events. It’s probably because you get to shoot your bosses and managers – but they won’t admit to that. It’s quoted to increase productivity in teams, keep morale high, and can be kept under a budget. The movie set scenarios at our centres are designed to impress at any corporate or Christmas event. Don’t believe us? Head on over to our game zones page to see just how amazing our centre truly is. This game requires team work and great communication between players – is your office up to it? There’s only one way to find out.

We’ve found the best way is to imagine the game day – You’ve just hidden behind a black hawk helicopter. You can see your co-workers sneaking up on you, but they have left a trail. A trail that will be their downfall. You quickly sneak up and fire off a few rounds, putting your team in the lead.

All of a sudden you are under fire and you dash behind a giant sphinx – you have uncovered the goal of the game, the treasure hidden inside! You now have to make a mad dash to the drop-zone to win the game. Are you prepared for this?

You’ll experience all this plus more then you can possibly imagine. What better sport to encourage teamwork and break the ice in your company then a day of paintball fun, courtesy of Delta Force Paintball Petrie! On top of all this, we have the lowest prices in Queensland guaranteed.

Get your troops ready, you are going to need to be prepared for this amazing day out of the office.