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About Delta Force Paintball

Here are some testimonials from our players:

Kids testimonials

“Our group collectively had a good time at paintball. Thoroughly enjoyed our first experience at paintball. Good game play and barriers to hide behind and all the staff were really good and obliging to all. Overall a great session was had by our group. Thank you Delta Force.”
Stephen | Delta Force Paintball – Petrie, Brisbane QLD Australia

“What an awesome session. I could not ask for a more professionally run event”
Greg | Delta Force Paintball – Appin NSW Australia

“SURRENDER SURRENDER! Awesome stuff guys! Enjoyed our experience thoroughly. Highly recommended!”
Imran | Delta Force Dingley – Melbourne VIC, Australia

“Epic session today at Delta Force, thanks for having us!”
Christiaan | Delta Force Paintball – Appin NSW Australia

“Hey thanks for the paintballing last Sunday you guys are the best! My fave is the pyramid”
Riti| Delta Force Bonneys – Perth WA Australia

“I didnt play. I just organised my group but after speaking to them they tell me it was a great session and they’d do it again. My responses to the game playing questions was based on answers from the players. i was impressed with the cleanliness of the area because i notice that sort of thing and the way the marshalls organised 300 individuals was top rate. and they managed to get pizza delivered to some very hungry players. the group were students so they were on a budget but i’d highly recommend the experience to anyone with the ability to pay for lots of ammo. the boys wanted to have fun within their budgetary constraints and they did. we didn’t stay for the last big game for this reason but if its possible they might go back one session just to do the second half of the session. we achieved our goal as a group to experience paintball with a group of friends and have fun. i was concerned that other players might play rough as my groups were 15 -19 in age apart from my husband but i’m told the marshalls were across any dangerous behaviour and had a strict return to base policy if anyone did the wrong thing.”
Cheryl | Delta Force Paintball – Petrie, Brisbane QLD Australia

“All staff were outstanding! Lots of energy, enthusiasm and passion for their job. Surprised my cousin from Melbourne with a Delta Paintball experience and the session could not have gone any better. Our team Marshall Shane was awesome and his off-siders Michael and Adam were equally great. Although I have blanked on the centre managers name – he was outstanding in his briefing and welcoming. This was my second amazing experience at the Petrie centre…keep up the good work!”
Paula | Delta Force Paintball – Petrie, Brisbane QLD Australia

“Cheers for an awesome session and a great deal. Was a very fun session! All the staff made it even more fun! See you guys once all these bruises heal up! Haha.”
Indir | Delta Force Paintball – Appin NSW Australia