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About Delta Force Paintball

What does a 100% safety record mean for you?

elle macpherson at Delta Force Paintball

Delta Force Paintball Petrie offers an extremely safe and fun sport for all-ages.

We have invested in high quality equipment to ensure that you have the safest and most comfortable experience paintball can give you. Your safety is our number one concern, and we have ensured the safety of all our players at Delta Force Paintball. In order for us to do this, Delta Force Paintball implements these precautions at all of our paintball centres around the world:

Our Safety Precautions

  • Prohibited the lifting of goggles in the game zones. If a player lifts or removes their goggles in a game zone then they will be immediately excluded from the game zone and not permitted to play the rest of the session. We will not risk the safety of any player.
  • Instituted a policy of checking every player’s goggles before they enter the paintball game zones.
  • Completely enclosed our base camps (safe zones) with high mesh safety netting.
  • Prohibited any paintball gun from entering the base camp.
  • Conduct ongoing training of our experienced paintball marshaling personnel.
  • All pre-game safety speeches adhere to the Health & Safety rules and regulations.
  • At Delta Force ‘head-shots’ do not count (this is to discourage players from shooting at other player’s heads).